About us

Who are we

Fashiontense is an online apparel store, that seeks to provide affordable and accessible clothing for your family.

We currently have women and children clothing in our closet. 


Why Fashiontense? 

Fashiontense is committed to finding pieces from yesterday that you loved, outfits of today that you adore, and items for the future that you admire. 


Our Mission

We have worked with children, young adults and families for several years. This has given us the opportunity to see that fashion contributes to our well-being. It makes us happy, confident,  and creates a mindset so that we can  literally conquer the world. So even though we spent most of 2020 in doors; our team is here to contribute to the well-being of  families. Our  ultimate goal is to use this platform to start a  charity that will empower, educate and motivate young minds #empoweringyoungminds.